Zurich Cross Option Agreement

Baker McKenzie is known for his involvement in multiple courtships and for his close collaboration between practitioner groups and offices. The team covers the range of health and life sciences issues, including DM, PE, licensing transactions, contracts, compliance and regulatory issues. Matthias Courvoisier, chief of staff, specializes in capital market transactions. The other members of the team are Peter Reinert, who is knowledgeable in competition, and international sales expert Serge Pannatier; Both also advise on labour law. Eva-Maria Strobel is known for her IP expertise. Each premium is for a healthy non-smoker who wants $150,000 of level coverage, which remains fixed for the duration of the insurance. Baker McKenzie`s “very proactive and responsive” team is “experienced and customer-oriented” and is praised for its “professionalism, efficiency and transparency.” She regularly advises on contract negotiations or terminations, sponsorship agreements and the creation of governing bodies. Olivier Ducrey, head of coaching, is the sole referee of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and heads the World Taekwondo`s independent anti-doping hearing body, while supporting the UIAA International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation in all ethical, media and entrepreneurial issues related to ice climbing competitions. In other work, the group advised Lake Placid on the award agreement for its successful offer on the 2023 Winter Universe. Baker McKenzie is known for his experience in cross-border transactions where the team works closely with the company`s international subsidiaries. She often participates in public acquisitions and regularly collaborates with the company`s banking and tax services. Alexander Fischer is well-known in transactions in various sectors; He leads the practice with Martin Furrer, who is particularly experienced in the field of real estate.

Jingjin Guo, the main interlocutor in Geneva, advises on the creation of new Chinese groups and mandates. Petra Hanselmann, Pascal Richard and Martin Frey are also known. When a business partner dies without making a decision as to what will happen to his actions, these shares are usually postponed. They then turn to her family, who then have two options: lawyers from Baker McKenzie`s Zurich office and De Genève are regularly involved in cross-border arbitrations, in which she works closely with registry teams in other jurisdictions. He has expertise in post-M-A arbitration, as well as litigation in the fields of financial services, energy and sport. Urs Zenhauser and Luca Beffa are responsible for the training. Other recommended practitioners are Joachim Frick and Franz Schenker. Baker McKenzie`s dispute resolution team is well positioned to deal with international disputes, working closely with offices across the network. Headquartered in Zurich, Urs Zenh-user is regularly involved in commercial disputes involving, among other things, the transactions of the board, licensing, construction, joint venture and consortium contracts.

Luca Beffa`s areas of expertise, headquartered in Geneva, include banking, sports and health disputes. The group is also sanitized in liability disputes with the responsibility of the director, for which Joachim Frick is an important interlocutor.