Teachers Salary Nz Collective Agreement

4.14.1 A teacher designated as a bus driver for a school district who performs all the tasks and responsibilities of steering the bus receives the additional salary of $3.61 per day for the first line and $1.26 per day for each additional ride. Assistance should not be paid for a return on a line, or in the case where a bus makes a second journey on the roughly identical route. 4.4.1 Short-term reliefs used in accordance with item 3.2.5 (a) are paid up to 1/190 of the appropriate annual salary for each day of work (including leave pay); If the maximum daily rate for non-weekly workers not exceeding 6 weeks 1/190 of stage 6 of the basic scale – trained teachers or level 7 of the basic scale – untrained teachers – must not exceed. 4.15.1 When a permanent teacher provides the position of headteacher in the same school for a period of more than two weeks, the payment for the period in question is a salary that represents the difference between his salary and the minimum rate applicable to the head of school position, but which is not lower than the salary rate in the context of the teacher`s tenure. 4.3A.7 Credit management allowances are not deductible and the salary is paid to full-time and part-time teachers at the appropriate rate. Compassionate scholarships are calculated as a percentage of the annual salary, the teacher is paid on the date of death: 4.8.5 Leave allowance for higher relief expenses or allowances A permanent teacher who has an additional salary as an operator or administrative allowance (including middle and older people), higher bonuses, a staff bonus, a teacher`s allowance with a high priority and/or a special allowance at the end of the leave period, calculated on the basis of the higher salary for the period of pay or until the end of the leave, depending on the shortest period. 4.23.7 The equivalent of ten hours of non-teaching per week is assigned to each teacher in a teaching role in the (intercommunal) community. The Board of Directors, in agreement with Ako and the employee, has the flexibility to decide how it allocates this time within weeks or weeks. An allowance under this clause is in addition to all other residence allowances to which the teacher is entitled under this agreement. The terms of employment for which THE PPTA members fought are defined in our collective agreements. For more information on teachers` salaries, allowances and qualifications, please visit the Ministry of Education`s website. 4.12.2 Travelling music teachers in the South are entitled to the payment of staff allowance, provided that the majority of schools that care for each teacher are qualified for the staff incentive program.

Their chances of getting a job are best in rural and Auckland schools. Auckland high schools are struggling to recruit teachers because of the high cost of housing, but some offer housing allowances to attract them. 4.9.9 Teachers, Those who are on duty on February 1, 1971 or before February 1, 1971 are not required to acquire a supplementary qualification if they fall into one of the categories mentioned in Supplement 2 of this agreement 4.2.5 Overtime rates Teachers may collect overtime rates on the basis of 1/380 for each half-day of teaching at the appropriate rate of pay, with the exception of all additional salaries and allowances, as required by the Minister of Education. However, for teachers who have already received assistance for a period of three years or more, the payment of aid is immediately suspended at the time of non-compliance with the school.