Sample Cpa Retainer Agreement

This document is similar to a service contract, but the factor that distinguishes the service agreement from the storage agreement is that a service provider in a retainer contract is a down payment (i.e., a reserve fee) for services to be provided over a specified period. If you opt for an engagement letter or a preservation agreement, the language and meaning must be clear and you must explain the terms of the document so that the client understands the extent of the professional relationship. The document element entitled “II. Services” requires a clear description of the services that the accountant or audit firm is willing to provide to the client as a result of the client`s payment (s) and this contract. If you need more space, you can continue with a properly labeled installation. The third article, the label “III. Term,” provides a period of application for this contract and seeks your selection from one of the many control modes for this definition. First, define the first day that the accountant`s services should be made available if the client does so on the first two spaces in the words “… Services must continue to begin.┬áNow is the time to define when and how the conservation agreement should be successfully terminated. Three scenario statements and an open statement are the options available for the third article.

The first choice indicates that this document remains in effect until the date of the calendar you indicate in the specified area. If this agreement remains in effect until the saved services are completed, choose the second instruction from the inbox before we continue to discuss the parties involved and the commitments that everyone must meet, we must consolidate the first schedule date if this agreement has power. As a general rule, this is the date on which both signatures are submitted, but it can also be any date after the signing of this document. The effective date agreed by both parties should be based on the first two blank lines of article titled “I.” The Parties” Once you have reported the validity date of this document, look for the “Accountant” label for the first space. This empty line is reserved for the full name of the accounting or accounting company kept by this paperwork. Put the identity of this company accordingly, then continuing using the commercial address of the accountant using the three spaces according to the term “… With A Street Address” Note that a separate line has been presented for the building number/street/suite name, the city and state where the accountant`s store receives post.